By Dadson A. Musa

In a bid to transform the landscape of squash in Sierra Leone, a fishing company spearheaded by Bassem Sahid Mohamed has embarked on a groundbreaking project aimed at popularizing the sport across the country, particularly targeting schools in Freetown, Bo, and Kenema.

Sierra Leone, known for its rich cultural diversity, is witnessing a new wave of interest in the rare sport of squash, thanks to the innovative efforts of Bassem Sahid Mohamed, an ardent squash player and the head of a prominent fishing company. Squash, a racquet and ball sport renowned for its endurance-building qualities, has historically been played by a minority in the country due to limited facilities and awareness.

Mohamed’s initiative, in collaboration with the Sierra Leonean government, aims to change the narrative surrounding squash by introducing it to a wider audience, particularly targeting schools where children are young and impressionable. The project’s focus on schools in Freetown, Bo, and Kenema underscores its commitment to fostering a culture of squash from a grassroots level.

Coach Baico Sesay, appointed as the head coach for the project, outlined the comprehensive approach being undertaken to promote the sport. “We are providing new racquets and balls, as well as compensating coaches to serve as an incentive,” Sesay remarked. Additionally, transport fare and refreshments are being offered to pupils to stimulate interest and participation.

The upcoming weeks are set to witness a surge of squash activities across the targeted cities. In Freetown, schools such as Prince of Wales, Grammar School, FSSG, St. Edwards, Annie Walsh, and Albert Academy are among the primary targets. Similarly, in Bo, institutions like CKC, QRS, and the esteemed Bo Government Secondary Schools have been identified. Meanwhile, in Kenema, HRSS and Kenema Government Secondary Schools are at the forefront of the initiative.

The concerted efforts of Mohamed’s fishing company, alongside the dedication of coaches like Sesay, reflect a promising trajectory for squash in Sierra Leone. With an emphasis on youth engagement and capacity-building among PE teachers, this initiative holds the potential to not only popularize the sport but also foster a healthier and more active generation of Sierra Leoneans.




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