Dr. Fatima Maada Bio Cementing Peace And Stability In Sierra Leone


Thousands of women gathered today at Fort Thornton to celebrate themselves for a great achievement pioneered by Her Excellency, the First Lady of Sierra Leone. It was a glamorous sight when women gathered in peace, with one focus to chart out their way, and role in restructuring the battered society that had ignored them as partners in development.

First, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio has instilled confidence in the women of Sierra Leone, propelling a New Direction and agitating for women’s security, re-directing their role in nation building. First Lady of Sierra Leone has craftily re-drawn the map of the Sierra Leonean society.

Many thanks to the women’s group that started the struggle for a place in the Sierra Leonean society. The likes of the 50/50 group saw the harsh reality, especially after the war, until the unbeatable character in the name of Fatima Bio emerged on the scenes, exploring all opportunities to re-echo the importance of a woman, the respect they deserve, and the wisdom and strength they naturally possess.

For five years, Dr. Fatima Maada Bio has not taken lightly the job to ensure that women in Sierra Leone are protected, carving out the true picture of a woman in a very distinct way.

The gathering today at State House to thank President Bio was historic, and a forever leap in the political lives of our governance system in Sierra Leone. The women will now go to bed in peace, fully knowing that they have been recognized as important partners in the journey for a new Sierra Leone that President Bio and his team are constructing.

Dr. Fatima Bio has shed light on the strength of a women in Sierra Leone. Her Excellency Fatima Maada Bio has proven that a woman can be thoughtful, eloquent, agitative and at the same time with the capacity to surmount whatever challenges in a subtle way.

Politically, members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party -SLPP must be very happy today that thousands of women came out in the capital – Freetown to express their genuine appreciation to President Bio for according them respect, and recognition of their dignity. It was an expression of acceptance of Dr. Fatima Bio’s leadership as the First Lady of Sierra Leone. The power in Dr. Fatima Bio did not just come from mere enticement, but she has worked assiduously to prove to the women of Sierra Leone that only the sky is their limit. She has made so much impact in our society after she decided to take responsibility for the promotion and social education of all girl child, as well as caring for their health cycles. Millions of girls are under the wings of Dr. Fatima Bio today, a novelty that has been uncommon in our society. She has made it abundantly clear to the girl child of Sierra Leone that she is the future star of Sierra Leone, and therefore, they should be protected. In five years, time, Fatima Bio has led the social education of our girls. She is the emblem of women’s leadership, an icon to emulate, and a motivator per excellence.

The Hands Off Our Girls project has projected itself as an element of forging peace in the Sierra Leonean society since the war ended. Dr. Fatima Bio can mobilize, she can teach, she can provide answers, and most importantly, she can influence positively. As a result of her charisma and humility, she has succeeded in projecting freedom and usefulness for all the women in Sierra Leone.

There was a break down in de-traumatizing the women after the excruciating pain they went through during the war, and continued suffering for a voice but Fatima Bio has successfully succeeded in providing a voice for them. The girls in Sierra Leone have seen a new day, breaking the stigma that had limited their space in many fora in our society. Fatima Bio stood out to say menstruation cannot be a taboo to the happiness of a woman. The Free Sanitary Pads to our girls was celebrated today by all the women in Sierra Leone as they came out in their thousands in Freetown, a very spectacular move to show gratitude to President Bio for providing the space for Dr. Fatima Bio as a partner in governance. And remarkably, Dr. Fatima Bio has positively made proper use of the space offered to her by President Bio.

In the interest of women, Dr. Fatima Bio is currently constructing a five hundred bed hospital at the 34 Military Hospital, with the aim to care for women, especially those who may encounter abuse, so much so that such women would have the peaceful environment to recuperate from their trauma, while pursuing justice through the Special Model Court instituted by President Bio.

The women have the right to jubilant and raise their hands in happiness for such care and protection that is phenomenal, and a promise of brighter days to come.

As a role model, Dr. Fatima Bio has exposed to our society what good manners mean, service to humanity. and showering true and unconditional love for one’s partner.

Today, the women of Sierra Leone have been able to celebrate the huge international laurels Fatima Bio has brought back home while she is leading the women in Sierra Leone as the First Lady. What happened today clearly shows that the women are proud of Dr. Fatima Bio. Sierra Leone is also proud of their fruitful daughter Dr. Fatima Maada Bio.

Being that the women are in majority in our beloved Sierra Leone, the gathering today at State House of that magnitude is a premonition that President Bio’s victory in the June 24th elections is sacrosanct. President Bio has won the hearts and minds and souls of the women in Sierra Leone. Many Sierra Leoneans were amazed today that indeed Sierra Leone appreciates the performance of President Bio’s leadership, especially in the human capital development ensuring social safety nets, and the promotion of gender equality that has always bothered the women in Sierra Leone.

His Excellency President Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio has continued requesting for peace and tranquillity in the country. His Excellency has shown his commitment to the consolidation of peace, while Dr. Fatima Maada Bio will continue pushing the gear towards respecting the women in Sierra Leone.

Katie Gberie

Silver Spring



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