Mohamed Dakiyai otherwise known as ‘Christo De Gospel Rapper’ is a vibrant, dedicative and workaholic multitask personality who has nurtured cosmopolitan technological diverse that accentuates him even amongst his colleagues and friends across the digital spaces as well as the public sphere. As an individual who is extremely passionate about technology, he has captured the need to ferment and broaden the global village by developing an android software application called ‘Salone TUBE ‘the home of Sierra Leone music for easy accessibility and reliability of Sierra Leone songs.

Ideally, he has upped his game thereby putting into practice the view of Marshall McLuhan and the Global Village concept of which McLuhan predicted about the connectivity and interactivity of people that will bridge the gap between distance and time with a few clicks. In the actual word, Dakiyai develops ‘Salone TUBE’ application platform to help the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone for swift uploading and downloading of different categories of songs likewise other countries in the world are doing.

 His innovative idea has helped in showcasing Sierra Leone’s cultural songs ranging from medieval period to now such as oldies, gospel songs, Hip-hop, Afro beat, comedy. He has also made an avenue for people to get access to know the profile of many Sierra Leonean Artistes and songwriters by using the ‘Salone TUBE’.

The Salone TUBE is capable of streaming live football matches especially when the Sierra Leone National Team is locking horns with other nations.  As an innovative masterpiece, Dakiyai has developed wide range of software applications for cooperate and learning institutions in Sierra Leone with crop of fanciful features for instance the Njala University App, Holy Trinity Secondary School App and Kamboi Eagle Football Club App.

 Meanwhile, In spite of his innovative and technological skillsets, Mohamed Dakiyai attended Holy Trinity Secondary School where he did his junior and senior education. After his completion of his high school education, he pursues his tertiary education at the Njala University. He is a final year student currently undergoing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Information Technology.

Nonetheless, he has fine-tuned innovation with student politics in a staggering fashion at the Njala University that which has been one of his many recipes that he treasures altogether. Mohamed Dakiyai is an embodiment of the Student Union Government at Njala University serving as the Deputy Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology. On the same token, he is as well the Information Technology (IT) Director for Kenema District Students’ Association at Njala University in particular. On top of that, he is serving as the President of Trinity Old Boys Association better still (TOBA) at Njala University.

Fast forward, he has clinically conducted scope of technological enhancements in recent times. Mohamed Dakiyai fondly called ‘Christo De Gospel Rapper’ is the leading programmer at Development Tech Hub one of the platforms for pitching of innovative ideas within the sub regions of Sierra Leone. He has a mix bag of creating valuable content. That is to say, he is a content creator, web designer, graphic designer and Android App developer. Apparently for him, application development is just a step from his door.

However, amidst all his aesthetics creative endeavours he has acquired, unspeakable challenges have as well clenched his handwork in terms of supporting the Salone TUBE agenda rooting from the lack of knowledge of people in developing such system, finance in attaining the Google play store service, inadequate customised computer for the enhancement of work to name but few. In view of these catch-22 situations, Mohamed Dakiyai is optimistic and looking forward for quick responds and helps in this regard.


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