In a significant development for the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), the dream of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. William Fayia Sellu became a reality as the SLP received a generous donation of two containers filled with assorted medical supplies from the Sierra Leone Mission Incorporation Development (SLMID).

Dr. Conteh, Deputy Director of the SLP Medical Department and Medical Superintendent of the Police Hospital in Kingtom, expressed gratitude for the donation, attributing its realization to IGP Sellu’s passion for the welfare of the SLP. He highlighted the longstanding cooperation between SLMID and the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), which led to this donation.

Mr. James Musa, Director of Human Resources for the SLP, emphasized the challenges of managing the health and safety of over fourteen thousand personnel. He reiterated IGP Sellu’s vision for an ultra-modern hospital to serve the force, alleviating the need for personnel to seek medical attention elsewhere. Musa also expressed a specific need for an X-ray machine.

Madam Catherine Suma, Director of SLMID, elaborated on the organization’s multifaceted efforts in Sierra Leone over the past decade, spanning education, agriculture, health, and leadership development. She underscored the passion of the organization’s founder, Mr. Osman Kamara, for Sierra Leone and its citizens.

Suma highlighted SLMID’s annual medical missions conducted in collaboration with CRS, which bring in medical professionals to provide vital healthcare services. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with the Government of Sierra Leone and the SLP, emphasizing their shared vision of bringing hope, health, and healing to humanity.

In conclusion, Suma expressed SLMID’s commitment to further collaboration with the SLP, aiming to continue their impactful work in Sierra Leone.

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