By: Saidu Jalloh

As the year comes to a close, a retrospective glance at Sierra Leone reveals challenges in various facets of life, including insecurity, economic hardships, and corruption. A recent crisis unfolded when armed individuals were accused of illegally subverting the government, leading to a nationwide curfew. Government officials justified it as a measure to weed out conspirators involved in a “failed coup.” As normalcy and peace gradually return, the government has lifted the curfew, allowing citizens to enjoy the holidays.

In a vox pop interview with A-Z Multimedia Corporation, citizens shared their perspectives on this year’s December holiday. Mohamed Turay, a phone mechanic, highlighted the economic challenges, citing a state of “negative peace” due to high living costs. Despite not being at war, the economic struggles have intensified. However, he expressed optimism about the safety and enjoyability of this year’s Christmas.

Aminata Koroma, an event planner, discussed the impact of the curfew on her business, noting cancellations and financial losses. With the curfew lifted, she is eager to resume event planning and fully embrace the December holiday. John Bockarie, a movie producer, emphasized the unusual nature of this December, marked by panic and heightened security concerns. He mentioned the adverse effects on businesses, especially those dependent on nighttime activities, but acknowledged the government’s decision to lift the curfew.

Alhaji Abu Bakarr, a banker, found this December to be dull, acknowledging the curfew’s purpose in enhancing national security. However, he highlighted the economic challenges it posed, affecting nightclubs and entertainment centers that rely on late-night operations.

In conclusion, all respondents expressed hope and resilience during these challenging times. They urged the government to address inflation, a major concern among citizens. The overarching sentiment is a call for collective efforts to navigate through difficulties and work towards a more stable and prosperous future.


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