By: James Kamara-Manneh

In a historic move aimed at bolstering economic ties and fostering mutual cooperation, Sierra Leone and Hungary have officially inked an agreement to establish a Joint Economic and Technical Commission. The signing ceremony, held on April 11th, 2024, in Budapest, Hungary, signifies a significant step forward in President Bio’s economic diplomacy agenda.

Led by the Head of Delegation and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Musa Timothy Kabba, the Sierra Leonean delegation embarked on a series of engagements, discussions, and meetings aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation between the two nations. Minister Kabba’s adept handling of international relations, negotiation prowess, and leadership acumen were instrumental in driving the discussions forward.

During the visit, the delegation engaged with various stakeholders, including the ANY Security and Printing Company and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to explore potential partnerships and solutions to address Sierra Leone’s printing challenges, particularly the proliferation of fake documents.

One notable engagement was with the Hungarian Water Partnership (HWP), a renowned organization offering innovative water solutions worldwide. Discussions centered on potential collaborations to address water management challenges in Sierra Leone, a crucial area for development.

The composition of the Sierra Leonean delegation reflected a diverse array of expertise from government officials, industry leaders, and sector experts, underlining the seriousness of the commitment to enhancing bilateral cooperation.

Key discussion points during the visit included exploring partnerships with the national printing press, increasing scholarships for Sierra Leonean students in science and technology fields, and establishing task forces to follow up on action points identified in the economic cooperation agreement.

The signing of the Joint Economic Commission agreement marked a pivotal moment for Sierra Leone, with Hungary pledging substantial support, including €50 million for water supply projects in Koidu and Lungi, an increase in scholarships for Sierra Leonean students, and visa waivers for diplomatic passport holders.

The agreement underscores the shared vision of both nations towards prosperity and development for their citizens, laying a solid foundation for future collaboration and mutual benefit.

As Sierra Leone continues to strengthen its diplomatic ties and pursue avenues for economic growth, the partnership with Hungary stands as a testament to the power of international cooperation in addressing common challenges and unlocking opportunities for progress.


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