President Dr. Julius Maada Bio last week presided over the signing of Performance Contracts, marking a commitment between his administration and cabinet ministers to fulfill manifesto promises and uphold governance standards in Sierra Leone.

The signing ceremony, attended by Cabinet Secretariat members, civil society representatives, and international partners, emphasized transparency, accountability, and excellence in governance. President Bio stressed the importance of delivering on the promises made to the citizens of Sierra Leone, emphasizing the government’s responsibility to render accounts to the people.

The President highlighted that the contracts would set clear objectives, strategies, and mechanisms for accountability, aiming to ensure efficient service delivery. He underscored the significance of executive accountability in thriving democracies, asserting his administration’s commitment to effective governance.

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh reiterated the President’s commitment to delivering on the social contract with Sierra Leoneans. He emphasized the importance of the Performance Contracts in tracking and monitoring results, particularly in human capital development, aligning with the government’s manifesto commitments.

Civil Society Organizations, represented by Mrs. Rosaline McCarthy, commended the government’s initiative, viewing it as a mechanism to hold duty-bearers accountable. She pledged civil society’s commitment to engaging the government on issues concerning the welfare of Sierra Leoneans, especially women and youth.

Chief Minister Dr. David Moinina Sengeh expressed optimism about the signed contracts, highlighting their alignment with the government’s Big Five Game-changers and the Medium-Term National Development Plan. He emphasized the shared vision across ministries and agencies, urging unified efforts toward achieving set targets.

The signing of Ministerial Performance Contracts marks a significant step in President Bio’s governance agenda, aiming to enhance accountability, transparency, and service delivery in Sierra Leone.


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