By: Ilyasa Baa

The Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) has referred to the Unity Party as undemocratic with a Constitution that is inconsistent with the national Constitution, the PPRC Act and existing democratic principles. 

In a letter dated 21st December 2022, the PPRC established that they would not grant the Unity Party permission to go ahead with their lower level elections on the grounds that there were no correspondences between the Commission and the party with regards lower level elections. Secondly, the Commission noted that the Ward and Constituency executive lists were not submitted to the PPRC. 

On 27th  December, 2022, the Unity Party replied the PPRC explaining how their party Constitution operates that they only have Districts Executive Elections. That the Districts Executive are charged with the responsibility to develop the Wards Executive. 

However, the following day, which was 28th December, the party received another  letter from the Commission which according to them, did not go down well with them.   “We are dismayed at the content and tone of your  letter with accusatory suppositions, innuendos, threats intimidation and above all threatening to call the police on us”, the January 1st 2023 letter from the party highlighted. 

In another development, a petition has been filed to the PPRC by over one hundred APC members against all the results of the 29th December 2022 Ward Level Elections in Constituency 002.


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