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The New Vibration  Empire ( NVE) Recording Label will on Saturday 19th November, 2022 stage a summer festival and live musical concert that will  unveil its artists compilation maiden music album.

The launching is set to take place at the New England Ville Car Park  (Ministry of Works Compound) and it is to feature all thirteen musicians and four dancers  of the record label.

Justice Jeremiah Bonah aka JJB Assistant Manager of the label said that, “The fans are to expect entertainment beyond their imagination.The presentation is going to be fantastic, because everything is in place.”

He noted that the NVE is an officially registered label and conducted an auditioning of all its musicians who were officially unveiled to the general public, adding that, “ Saturday will be a summer festival show to introduce our newly recorded songs.” 

JJB added that guest artists are also going to be on stage to showcase a tantalizing performance of all genres of music.

The NVE has as its mantra, “transforming lives through entertainment.”

In an exclusive interview, the pioneer of the label highlighted the vision of the innovation. The US- based Management Consultant, Entertainment Promoter  and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of   NVE Record Label, Dr. Jackson Blamo explained that the thrust behind the initiative of having the record label started in May 2001, following an approach by a group of young people in the New England Ville Community registering their passion for music  and the need to help them.

“The boys had the talent to make music but did not have the opportunity to produce their songs and they came to me for help and I thought it fit to help them not only as individuals but as a group by creating a platform for the improvement and exposure of their talents,” Dr. Blamo said.

The record label is managed by an Executive headed by a General Manager, Abubakarr Kallon (aka DJ Kabz), Assistant Manager, Jeremiah J. Bonah (aka JJB), Organizing Secretary, Moses Bangura (aka DJ Mix), and Senior Advisor, Ingham Carew, to help push these talented youth.

The NVE   is envisioned to be a mighty dynasty seeking to expose the music and entertainment prowess of the young.

The label has staged a number of successful events such as an auditioning for the artists hosted by popular Entertainment Journalist Mohamed Kingmillan Bangura and a host of experienced and celebrated entertainers serving as judges. 

The label is keen about having quality entertainers and had a scrupulous screening exercise starting with interested applicants applying, conducted interviews, and auditioned over a hundred artists, but arrived at selecting the thirteen best artists. Having completed its music album project , the NVE recently staged a Listening Party, a quite unprecedented move in the fragile music space.

Asked about his  expectation from promoting the community-based musicians, Dr. Blamo said, “ the endgame is to discover the lots of talents in these young people and expose them to a wider platform for people to appreciate them.”

“My goal here is to one day showcase Sierra Leone music not only locally but internationally, to take the musicians wherever their talents can take them. My goal is not only to see them grow in Sierra Leone but to see them on a global stage  such as BET in the USA and winning national music awards.

My stride is to see these young people maximize their talents.

This is not about me, but about creating the platform to put the artists out there for all to see and for them to excel with their God-given talents.

It is also an opportunity to put Sierra Leone on the map, so that people can understand that we have talented and very gifted young people here,” Dr. Blamo underscored.

Dr. Blamo noted that although he has invested quite a lot of financial resources on the up and coming artists and dancers, but stated that he is less concerned about the monetary return of what he’s doing for these youth rather than to see them grow and mature in the music and entertainment industry, both locally and internationally.

Dr. Blamo said: “Whatever they need I try to provide for them but I cannot give you any cost. Whatever they have asked for I tried to do. I have set up a music and video recording studio for them, equipping it with the right equipments , provided them with one or two needed gears, but to put monetary value I can’t just do that now.” Dr. Blamo encouraged the general public to buy into the idea of investing into young people’s talent adding a local adage that,” if a house does not sell you the street will not buy you.”

He implored Sierra Leoneans to help build and boost the talents of the young artists and dancers by patronizing with them.

“Let us support them in the very best way that we can, let’s heighten the awareness out there and be able to accept their talents because they are here to produce very good music,” Dr. Blamo said.

The record label will stage its first show on the 19th of November, 2022 at the New England Ville Car Park at a cost of NLE 20 ordinary and patron NLE 70.


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