By: Saidu Jalloh

A high-level delegation comprising officials from the Ministry of Finance (MoF), National Revenue Authority (NRA), and Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) is currently in Kampala, Uganda, on a benchmarking visit to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). The purpose of the visit is to gain insights and best practices in preparation for the imminent implementation of Sierra Leone’s Products Tracing System (PTS).

Commissioner-General of the National Revenue Authority, Jeneba Kpaka Bangura (Mrs), is leading the delegation on this crucial visit. The implementation of the PTS is a significant milestone for Sierra Leone as it seeks to enhance its digital tracking systems for excisable goods.

The PTS is designed as a comprehensive track-and-trace solution, overseeing the entire supply chain process from production or importation to distribution. Key to its success is the mandatory affixation of digital tax stamps by manufacturers and/or importers, utilizing a combination of both manual and automated processes. This innovative system is poised to combat illicit trade, safeguard consumers from substandard and counterfeit products, and bolster government revenue.

The implementation of the PTS is scheduled to commence on Thursday, February 1, 2024. This system will play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of products in the market, providing a transparent and accountable framework for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers of excisable goods in Sierra Leone.

The delegation’s visit to Uganda aims to leverage the experience and success of the Uganda Revenue Authority’s Digital Tracking System, offering valuable insights to facilitate a seamless and effective roll-out of Sierra Leone’s PTS. As the country enters this new phase in revenue collection and product regulation, stakeholders are optimistic that the PTS will contribute significantly to Sierra Leone’s economic growth and the protection of its citizens from substandard goods.




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