By: Mohamed Sahr

Ministry of Health (MoH) with partners from diaspora and East Africa developed minimally invasive track surgery otherwise known as thoracoscopic surgery with the aid of technology during a press conference held on Wednesday 3rd August, 2023 at Youyi Building in Freetown.

Doctor Mustapha Kabba, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health said this is first ever in the annals of Sierra Leone to have minimally invasive surgery to the chest wall. He revealed that the first cases of the new normal technology were successfully done and the patients are in perfect condition.

“We will do operations to the chest, including the lungs with a small cut to the chest wall without having a big incision or a big cut,” Doctor Kabba mentioned.

He furthered that because of this technology there are small holes being made on the chest wall with the aid of technological instruments that are connected to a big camera which enhances the manipulation of the surgery; adding that this technology is now in existence in advanced countries as a way of reducing complication after surgery.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer said this technology is currently available at the Connaught Hospital for easy accessibility. He assured that they would ensure to properly maintain them and make them useful for Sierra Leoneans.

Doctor Diego Gonzavez Rivas, Thoracic Surgeon and Resident Doctor in Holland said this technology marks the beginning of a new era in Sierra Leone. He emphasized that they have performed the first cases for not only on track surgery but also on any other list of specialties with the help of the instruments. “We believe that this technology is very important for Sierra Leoneans,” Doctor Rivas said.

Doctor Mark Kapuwa, Head of Connaught Hospital thanked the team from diaspora and East Africa for their continued supports in bringing minimal thoracoscopic surgery in Sierra Leone. He assured the team that they would make sure that they keep the instruments safe and accessible.

Doctor Rehginah Davies, General Surgeon Specialist in Sierra Leone said the aspect of sensitization of Sierra Leoneans falls on the radar considering the mindsets of the people when dealing minimal invasive surgery with the help technology. She mentioned that the responsibility lies on them and the media with regards to sensitizing the vast number of Sierra Leoneans and beyond.


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