By: Saidu Jalloh

In a significant visit to the Enhancing Sierra Leone Energy Access Project in Moyamba Town, Hon. Dr. Isata Mahoi commended the burgeoning participation of women, heralding a transformative shift in a sector historically dominated by men. The project, aimed at enhancing energy access in Moyamba District, has emerged as a beacon of gender inclusivity and empowerment under Dr. Mahoi’s praise.

Dr. Mahoi expressed her delight at witnessing women assume roles previously deemed beyond their reach, emphasizing the profound implications of this transition, not only for the women directly involved but for the developmental trajectory of the entire nation. She underscored the importance of challenging stereotypes and acknowledged women’s readiness to contribute significantly to the country’s progress.

Highlighting the significance of overcoming obstacles through collaborative efforts and mutual support, Dr. Mahoi encouraged women to share their stories and experiences, recognizing their journey as instrumental in inspiring others to pursue similar roles. The project’s dual focus on infrastructure development and gender empowerment has garnered praise, aiming to address the prevalent inoperativeness faced by many girls and women by providing them with meaningful employment and skills.

Acknowledging that challenges are inherent in the process, Dr. Mahoi emphasized the opportunities for learning and growth, stressing the crucial commitment to the cause. In her concluding remarks, she urged contractors and stakeholders to prioritize the recruitment of more women, emphasizing the imperative of inclusivity and diversity in all developmental endeavors.

Dr. Mahoi extended gratitude to the women for their unwavering dedication and hard work, recognizing their pivotal role as pioneers in a society undergoing profound transformation.

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