By: Mohamed Jalloh

Alimamy Kargbo aka Limoh of the New Vibration Empire (NVE) was born at the turn of the millennium on the 7th March 2000.

His parents hail from Sella Limba Chiefdom in Kamakwei northern region of Sierra Leone. The Kargbo family later migrated to Freetown, the capital city where Limoh and his other three siblings (2 sisters and a brother) were born.

Limoh initially attended the Faith Worship primary school at the New England Ville Community but went on to complete his primary school education at the Maranatha School located at Leicester Road in Freetown.

He experienced his Junior Secondary education at a Private school called Becham International, but later enrolled at the United Muslim Association Secondary School where he took the West African Senior Secondary School Examination.

With the exception of English Language, his scores in the other subjects are quite impressive. Whenever, he passes English language at the exams, Limoh is determined to enroll for a course in Tourism at a Tertiary institution of learning.

Apart from his education and musical career, Limoh is also a Tricycle and motor cycle rider. He further engages in Santex and Mastic painting to make ends meet. It is a type of painting that cools the atmosphere within the house and levels wall enclosures.

The 23 years old dark in complexion and soft spoken sensation is indeed bound for greatness in his musical career.

Limoh acknowledges the fact that he is extremely passionate about music since his wonder kid days, but was spurred on by the encouraging comments of his family and people who normally hear him sing.

Limoh is an Afro beat rapper who is deeply enmeshed in the Afro beat genre, his solo song “Make So” which was recorded with the Q-Mix studio is a testament of his love for the genre.

Since joining the NVE in 2021, Limoh admits he is more matured in dealing with fellow artists and now understands what it means to be under a management.

Limoh finalizes the rap session in the NVE anthem, and he is currently working on his Video single called “Hope” which will be released by the end of February 2024.

The song “Hope” speaks about the courage and zeal an individual builds when he wants to achieve success, pointing out the critics one leave behind which also serve as a motivation and strength.

Limoh said Sierra Leone music has grown but he also noted that more strength needs to be placed on the production, promotion, education and engineering aspect.

He is of the view that people who desire to sing music must be properly vetted by music auditors; therefore he calls for the establishment of music schools for potential artists to develop themselves for the market out there.

“For Sierra Leone music to be at par with Nigerian, Ghanaian and South African music, Sierra Leoneans must first and foremost love and accept their products,” he discloses.

Limoh emphasized on the need for DJ`s to be accustomed in playing Sierra Leone music, as according him, it is not uncommon for DJ`s who are on air to be playing foreign music for the rest of the day.

He reveals that for Sierra Leone music to be accepted by foreigners, first of all, it must be personalized by Sierra Leoneans. Thereafter, he noted that people around the world will accept and appreciate Sierra Leone music.

Limoh is of the opinion that Sierra Leonean up and coming artists must be given the platform to showcase their God-given talent, hence the need for more promoters, record labels and music investors.

On the local musical scene, Limoh adores SHADOW BOXER whom he says is a unique character who has his own style of playing music because he doesn’t imitate anyone.

Limoh is also mad about the Nigerian superstar “DAVIDO”, he confesses of admiring his lifestyle, lyrics and personality.

Limoh expresses thanks and appreciation to Dr Jackson Blamo the Chief Executive Officer of NVE for supporting them and for providing the platform for showcasing their talents.

He concluded by urging the CEO of NVE to continue exercising faith and confidence in the crew, as according to him, they will make him proud one day after excelling in their musical careers.



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