By: Thaimu Bai Sesay

On Tuesday 14th Match, 2023 at State House, different chapter female groups in Sierra Leone have in grand styles expressed their appreciations towards the Bio Government for all he has done for the women in Sierra Leone.

Abie Lahai, Chairlady for Ecowas Street under the PZ Chapter Council of Market expressed that they were thankful to the Government of President Bio for considering the women in this country.

 Recalling the Gender Empowerment law which provided 30 percent quota for women, she explained that they as women now have a saying in the decision making of the country.

 ‘We are happy for any man who is in power and recognizes the presence of women’, she said. The Chairlady, on behalf of the group, affirmed that they endorsed President Bio for 2023 with no runoff.

While Kadiatu Fofana, the Chairlady of another group identified as African Women Fish Processors and Traders Network from Tombo Community intimated that President Bio had done a lot in the Fishery Sector in their constituency.

The Chairlady explained that the Bio Government had provided clean pump water, toilet facilities, cold room and drying facilities to preserve their fish. She further explained that the cool room and drying facilities had promoted their fish business, and as a payback they were there to register their appreciation.

Kadiatu Fofana expressed hope for more developments and said they needed President Bio to continue with the good work.

On behalf of the team, a representative for Lumley Women also expressed that they were grateful to the President and the First Lady for the good work and for what they had done for the Lumley market women.

She went on noting that the Bio Led Government had been providing loans for Lumley market women. She added that the government had also been providing basic education on business ideas which she said were very much helpful to the market women for the growth of their businesses.

Another representative from the Dove Cut Sellers Association also expressed their satisfaction saying they should give President Bio chance.

She said that President Bio had done a lot for their school going children in terms of the Free Quality Education. Based on that and other developments which she mentioned, she said that they were ready to vote again President Bio for the 2023 election.    


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