By: Mohamed M. Sesay

Despite the fact that he was not given the Sierra Leone People’s Party Symbol to run as a Member of the Sixth Parliament, the formal Deputy Chief Whip and Chairman of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Fifth Parliament Hon. Alusine Kanneh has over the weekend, preached peace and unity in constituency 013 in Kenema, and also called on locals to vote massively for President Bio in the June 24th election.

Addressing constituents of both Nomo and Tunkia Chiefdoms in a town hall meeting, Hon. Alusine Kanneh expressed thanks and appreciation to the people for giving him the opportunity to serve as a Member of Parliament twice.

 Hon. Kanneh said he had served in various capacities for the SLPP party before even he travelled to Norway. He assured his people that he would remain SLPP and die SLPP despite the previous wrongs the party had done to him. He recalled that he came to contest in the 2012 elections under President Koroma’s administration and won the election. He said he also contest his re-election in 2018 but also won despite the many unwarranted threat posed by the Gorahun people who in fact voted for APC.

He called on the people to continue to believe in him. He said his name is a household name which cut across the country. Hon. Kanneh said he believed in President Bio’s vision adding that President Bio is a good and genuine leader which the country had been blessed with. He reiterated that President Bio is a God-fearing man. He said President Bio does not look at tribe, region or party when administering his developmental progress.

He reminded the people that Free Quality Education has been one of the best things President Bio had done for Sierra Leone. He said because of the progress of Free Quality Education, the UN Secretary-General handpicked President Bio to Co-chair the Transform Education summit in the United States of America.

The formal Deputy Chief Whip explained that the purpose of the meeting was to tell the people that he is in the majority in Tunkia and to also endorse President Bio for the June 24th election. He admonished the People that their vote is their future and therefore, called on them to vote for President Bio massively.  He also assured his people that he is more powerful now than ever before. He offered himself to be the godfather for the constituency who is ready to render any political assistance for the constituency.

Hon. Kanneh stressed that the June 24th election is very critical which was the more reason he called on his people not to joke with the re-election of President Bio. He said if anyone jokes with the June 24th election in terms of re-electing President Bio, that would mean that they are joking with the free quality education and other developments. He equally called on his people to support the new Member of Parliament for the progress of the constituency.

“I love President Julius Maada Bio because he is a good man and a sincere man. I want to call on u all to vote for President Bio and even the Member of Parliament who was awarded the party symbol. I know that you guys are angry because I was refused the symbol but please vote for President Bio and the SLPP”, he said.

Hon. Momoh Bockarie appreciated Hon. Alusine Kanneh for teaming up with them to support President Bio’s re-election despite the fact he was not given the party symbol. He called on the people to follow the patriotic footstep of Hon. Alusine in terms of supporting President Bio’s re-election. He assured the people that many developmental activities are in the pipeline for the people of Tunkia. He also called on the people to massive vote for President Bio so that they could benefit from many developments ahead.

Sakpa Fofanah, constituency Chairman 101, called on the people to support the drive Honorable Alusine Kanneh had taken which was geared towards supporting President Bio’s re-election. He said it is not easy to see someone who is so courageous like honorable Alusine Kanneh to mount the re-election of President Bio knowing very well that he was not awarded the party symbol.


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