By: Thaimu Bai Sesay

In a press briefing held on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, the Minister of Works and Public Assets, Dr. Denis Sandy, announced the introduction of new tollgate prices, marking the first increment since the beginning of operations. These new toll rates, negotiated between the Ministry, relevant transport industry stakeholders, and the CLSG Company, are set to take effect on March 1, 2024.

The revised tollgate rates for different vehicle categories are as follows:

– ‘Kekes’ would be paying from 1 Leones to 3 Leones,

– the Taxes would be paying from 2 Leones to 5 Leones,

– the SUV would be paying from 4 Leones to 10 Leones,

–  Buses would be paying from 18 Leones to 40 Leones,

– Heavy Trucks that were paying 183 Leones would be paying 700 Leones and lastly those Fuel Tankers that were paying 100 Leones would be paying 250 Leones.

Dr. Sandy disclosed that these prices were the result of mediation, as the CLSG Company initially proposed higher rates. They proposed 6 Leones for “Kekes,” 11 Leones for Taxis, 27 Leones for Mini Buses, 105 Leones for group 4 vehicles, 2,103 Leones for Trucks, and 5,078 Leones for Fuel Tankers.

Explaining the reasons behind the significant tollgate tax increments, Dr. Sandy pointed out the depreciation of the exchange rate and the rise in fuel prices. The exchange rate had increased by 200%, from 7,500 Leones to 23,000 Leones, while fuel prices rose by 400%, from 6 Leones to around 30 Leones.

Despite these increases, Dr. Sandy noted the investors’ appeal for reconsideration of the contractual agreement. He commended the CLSG Company for its professional conduct and transparency in communicating decisions with the Ministry.

The Minister of Works also highlighted the importance of infrastructure development, particularly mentioning the Wellington to Masiaka Road project, which has reduced accidents and improved traffic flow. He outlined the core mandates of his Ministry, emphasizing its role in monitoring, supervising, coordinating, and accounting for government infrastructure.

Furthermore, Dr. Sandy reiterated the President’s vision for infrastructural development, assuring the public of plans to create more roads to connect every part of the country.

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