By: James Kamara-Manneh

Reports reaching our corridors are that newly elected members of parliament of the main opposition party the All People’s Congress will come out of their comfort zones to make their presence felt in the Well of Parliament today.

Speaking with the only opposition member for the 6th Parliament, Hon Mohamed Bangura said he is not sure about the number of MPs that will take their seat in Parliament but sure that some right thinking members will make their way to Parliament.

In a letter dated 5th July 2023, newly elected officials for the All People’s Congress (APC), stated that they will boycott all governance activities in the country until their party’s demands are fully met. The elected officials; members of parliament, mayors, district council chairpersons and councillors, appended their signatures to endorse their nonparticipation in governance activities.

This follow the announcement of the June 24, 2023 election results for the presidency, which the APC party did not accept, citing irregularities and lack of transparency in the whole electoral process. They had made some demands which included but not limited to the resignation of the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Chief Justice, Inspector General of Police and for the elections to be re-conducted within six months.

However, in the State opening to Parliament, President Bio stressed on the efforts to building democracy, proposing reviews to electoral systems and calling on the nation to promote cohesion in politics.

He directly calls for constant engagement for a stable and prosperous nation by fostering collaboration, cooperation, and negotiation.

The President called on other national leaders to put the nation’s interest first, transcending party lines, and forging alliances beyond political affiliations, adding that it was the duty of Parliamentarians to embody the spirit of statesmanship and seek dialogue and common goals, even in the face of differing opinions.

With such efforts from the President and other meaningful Sierra Leoneans, they will appreciate seeing all opposition MPs take their respective seats in the Well of Parliament to deliberate issues of national interest.


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