By Saidu Jalloh

In a bid to foster economic collaboration and promote financial inclusivity, Ecobank Sierra Leone has announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Fullah business community. The alliance was formalized during a collaborative engagement held on May 4th, 2024, at the Freetown City Council Hall.

Winston Williams, the Executive Director of Ecobank, emphasized the institution’s commitment to advancing financial freedom across Africa, including Sierra Leone. He lauded the Fullah business community for their substantial contributions to the nation’s economic and business landscapes, acknowledging their tireless efforts and dominant presence across various sectors.

Alhaji Mohamed Sajoh Jalloh, also known as Med-Saj, the tribal Head of the Fullah community in Sierra Leone, expressed gratitude for the partnership initiative. He hailed Ecobank as the first non-Fullah financial institution to initiate such a collaboration and pledged to encourage Fullah organizations, businesses, and individuals to conduct their banking activities with Ecobank. Med-Saj underscored the significance of transparency in business dealings and highlighted Ecobank’s charitable contributions to the Fullah community during Ramadan, including food donations.

Haja Isatu Jalloh, Head of the Fullah Women’s Group and a beneficiary of Ecobank’s Save and Win promotion grand draw in December 2023, commended the bank for its transparency and integrity, particularly in the promotional draw, citing it as evidence of the bank’s credibility.

The meeting between Ecobank and the Fullah business community marks a significant stride towards inclusive economic development and partnership building in Sierra Leone. This collaboration signifies a commitment to fostering mutual growth and prosperity while advancing financial inclusion among marginalized communities.


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