Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, welcomed the esteemed ECOWAS Court of Justice’s 2024 International Conference to Freetown on May 13th, 2024, showcasing the nation’s dedication to fostering justice, inclusivity, and regional collaboration.

In a compelling address, President Bio underscored Sierra Leone’s steadfast commitment to advancing a more just and equitable society, highlighting significant reforms aimed at enhancing the dispensation of justice and safeguarding human rights. The conference, a landmark event for Sierra Leone, symbolized the country’s deep-rooted commitment to regional cooperation and the rule of law.

President Bio’s keynote speech reiterated Sierra Leone’s advocacy for a society founded on principles of justice and inclusivity, showcasing the government’s relentless efforts in reforming the judicial system for greater effectiveness and efficiency. Acknowledging Sierra Leone’s strides in defending human rights, the President emphasized the nation’s unwavering dedication to protecting the rights and freedoms of its citizens.

Furthermore, President Bio’s enthusiastic endorsement of the ECOWAS Court of Justice reaffirmed Sierra Leone’s commitment to resolving disputes, fostering cooperation, and ensuring equitable access to justice within the ECOWAS region. By hosting the conference, Sierra Leone elevated its stature in regional affairs and provided a platform for constructive dialogues on pressing regional issues.

The International Conference facilitated invaluable discussions among leaders and legal experts from across the ECOWAS member states, promoting the exchange of best practices and collaborative efforts to tackle common challenges such as cross-border crime, human trafficking, and terrorism. President Bio’s active participation underscored Sierra Leone’s determination to contribute meaningfully to regional initiatives and address transnational threats collectively.

The successful hosting of the ECOWAS Court of Justice’s International Conference in Freetown marked a significant milestone for Sierra Leone, reflecting its commitment to justice, regional integration, and human rights. President Bio’s unwavering commitment to these values reaffirmed Sierra Leone’s role as a proactive participant in regional affairs and its dedication to building a fairer and more inclusive society.

President Bio’s role as host of the ECOWAS Court of Justice’s 2024 International Conference exemplified Sierra Leone’s dedication to justice, regional cooperation, and human rights. The event not only showcased Sierra Leone’s progress in enhancing the dispensation of justice but also provided a platform for meaningful engagement on critical regional issues, cementing the nation’s position as a proactive participant in regional affairs.





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