In a significant breakthrough, Mile 91 Police Division has dismantled an armed robbery syndicate believed to be responsible for a spate of night-time burglaries plaguing the area. Acting on intelligence, authorities raided a residence in Mafunday Village, leading to the arrest of three suspects and the seizure of incriminating evidence implicating them in the criminal activities.

The arrests, which took place on Tuesday, 9th April, 2024, marked a turning point in the relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement. Mohamed Thullah’s house became the focal point of the operation, where authorities unearthed a cache of stolen items, including five android phones, a button phone, a power bank, and a sum of Two Thousand One Hundred Leones. Subsequent searches in the vicinity yielded further evidence, with a foam mattress retrieved from Thullah’s residence and a crowbar discovered in a neighboring property, reportedly owned by suspect Abass Koroma.

Abass Koroma, initially evading arrest, was later apprehended and is currently in police custody. Further interrogation of the suspects, Dennis Brown and John Kamara, yielded vital information leading to a significant breakthrough in the case. Confessional statements provided by the trio unveiled the existence of a locally made pistol and 10 cartridges, concealed in the bushes behind G-Complex Entertainment Centre. Additionally, a quantity of Kush, claimed by Abass Koroma, was recovered from the same location.

Of particular concern is Dennis Brown’s admission of being one of the escaped prisoners from the Maximum Correctional Centre on Pademba Road. Brown revealed he was serving a sentence for a previous robbery conviction, shedding light on the criminal backgrounds of the apprehended individuals.

The collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies have been pivotal in unraveling this criminal network, bringing a sense of relief to the residents of Mile 91. Investigations into the syndicate’s activities are ongoing, as authorities work tirelessly to ensure the perpetrators face the full force of the law.

The successful operation conducted by Mile 91 Police Division underscores the commitment of law enforcement to combatting crime and ensuring the safety and security of the community. With the apprehension of key suspects and the recovery of stolen property and weapons, authorities have dealt a significant blow to organized crime in the region. As investigations continue, the public is urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities promptly.


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