With the recent signed resolutions from the just concluded political dialogue between the ruling party SLPP and the main the opposition the All People’s Congress party (APC), the Chief Minister David M. Sengeh decided to have a closed door meeting with the hierarchy of the main opposition yesterday at their party secretariat in Freetown.

Taking to his twitter page (now X) said “Thank you Dr Samura Kamara, Leader of the APC, Hon Chernor Bah, Deputy Leader, and all other members who welcomed me and my team to the APC Party Head Quaters today. As we actively work on implementing the “Agreement for National Unity”, we jointly commit to strengthen democratic state institutions! Together, #WeWillDeliver”.In another development regarding the APC party,

The leader of the main opposition party, All Peoples Congress (APC) Dr. Samura MW Kamara has in his address to the nation after the peaceful mediation dialogue expressed that his party did not lose focus on any of its ideals and positions as he also affirmed that the mediation prioritized national interest above party specific games.

His statement was made by way of managing the expectations and calming down of APC supporters after the successful political dialogue with the ruling SLPP party.

Dr. Samura Kamara expressed that he understood the emotions, anxiety and the disappointment amongst some of the party supporters, adding that the mixed reactions, were not unexpected, nor the demand for a stronger action reflecting their core position. Kamara revealed that the leadership of the party engaged very actively and comprehensively in the dialogue without losing focus on any of its ideals and positions relating to the June election.

In his speech, Dr. Samura Kamara admitted that the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion played a very crucial role together with the International Mediation team which included the ECOWAS, Commonwealth and Africa Union. Kamara said they believed that the divisive political atmosphere orchestrated by the Electoral Commissioner Mohamed Konneh was unprecedented not only in Sierra Leone but to the wider world and that he was anticipating a more assertive response from the international community in addressing more of their demands

Kamara the APC party leader however intimated that they eventually consented to international mediation leading to direct discussions with representatives of the SLPP Led Government, as he appealed to all Sierra Leoneans to give the local initiative (ICPNC) an opportunity to succeed. He stated that the communique contained several constructive provisions and benchmarks that he said if honestly and patriotically addressed in good faith could help restore the will of the people and uphold true democracy.

The 2023 APC flagbearer affirmed that the three esteemed international organizations fostered an atmosphere of respect as they urged Sierra Leoneans to take ownership of the process, with the utmost focus on prioritizing national interest above party specific games.

“While we upheld these principles the APC party remained steadfast in achieving a solution that safeguards the integrity of our democratic process and secures the trust of our populace,” Dr. Kamara assured.

As they legally demanded to the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone the certified result to be provided to party agents, Dr. Samura said they believed that the cross party committee provided for in (Resolution 3) of the agreement would address such concerns. He affirmed that both sides had agreed that the committee would review the 2023 electoral cycle within six months, taking into account the various stages including voter registration, voter card issuance, ballot paper procurement, election day procedures, vote tabulation and result announcement.

Dr. Samura Kamara furthered that the committee would draw from lessons learnt from the past elections since the restoration of the constitutional order after the civil war, and said it would not of necessity rule out an early election. He added that the preamble of the communique underscored the sacredness of the country’s laws, with both parties committing to uphold the Rule of Law. He assured that the recommendations of the cross party committee were actionable and feasible, as he said the committee would have co-leadership representation from the SLPP Led Government, the APC and Development Partners.

Dr. Samura Kamara expressed his firm believe that the creation of the committee would provide a platform for both parties to engage constructively, allow Rule of Law, justice and peace to prevail in their beloved nation. As he said their people demand justice and truth he made a clarion call to all stakeholders, particularly the patriotic Sierra Leoneans that would serve in the committee as monitoring moral guarantors to stand resolute in defense of their fledgling democracy and their home land.

The APC party Leader Dr. Samura Kamara revealed that the cross party committee was as well tasked with a lot of crucial responsibilities which included matters of political violence, excessive use of force by the security forces, extrajudicial killings, harm to innocent citizens and most other concerns of the APC such as the reviewing of the June 24, 2023 elections and proffer recommendations as a safeguard for future elections.


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